Foods for the Lung


In Chinese Medicine, Autumn correlates with the Lung system, which includes our lung organs, the entire respiratory tract, as well as our skin.  This is part of why so many people experience common colds or skin dryness this time of year.  By incorporating foods that support the lung system into our diets, we can keep our bodies healthy in a natural way.

The color of the Lung system is white and the flavor is acrid, so you may notice many of these foods have both qualities, such as horseradish or garlic.  Other foods on this list, though they may not be both white and acrid, still support the Lung system in other ways.  Pear, for example, is sweet but also particularly moistening for the lungs and can help cure a dry cough.

If you are experiencing common colds or skin problems every year at this time, consider added some more foods in your diet to boost your Lung Qi!

(Post and infographic by Jacqueline Gabardy, L.Ac. of FLOAT: Chinese Medical Arts)

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