Skype Consultations Now Available with Abigail Morgan, L.Ac.


I am now offering Skype Consultations for patients who live outside of the Los Angeles area or cannot get to our office, or those who would like to have a longer conversation with me than I can offer on a quick phone call.

The cost is $150 for a 60 minute one-on-one session, which includes one brief follow-up email exchange.  (All credit cards accepted.)  Obviously, I can’t do acupuncture through the phone or computer (darn!), but what I do offer via Skype is this:

Initial Consultation: a conversation about your health history, current concern(s), current plan of care (if you have one)

Discussion about how acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can help you with your health concerns

Brief nutritional consultation

To set up your Skype Consultation, email us at frontdesk at floatchinesemedicalarts dot com, or call our clinic: 818-392-8797.

I look forward to meeting you virtually if you’re not able to come to our office!

-Abigail Morgan, L.Ac, Owner of FLOAT: Chinese Medical Arts

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