Family Meditation


Photo by Dave Clark, all rights reserved.

I am always telling my patients, “Really, you can meditate anywhere.”

This picture is proof!  (Messy house, jammies and all.)

The back story…

Earlier tonight, I had a fierce headache.  I don’t get headaches very often, but this one was bad.  It sent me into a dark room with a tall glass of water and earplugs, determined to take a power nap and needle myself before launching into the bedtime routine with my 4- and 6-year olds.  It gave me new empathy for all the migraine sufferers I treat.  (Acupuncture is awesome for headaches, but it is more than challenging to needle oneself while in pain, and there aren’t any other Licensed Acupuncturists in my immediate family.)

Ah, a cool pillow, dark room, soft bed…but after seventeen interruptions by my kids within a ten minute period, I ditched the earplugs and emerged into the bright light of the living room.

My first grader was doing homework, and my preschooler was battling Daddy over how to de-knot-ify her wet, post-bath hair.

The bright light of the living room pierced my temples.  This headache wasn’t going anywhere.

I moved the coffee table aside, providing me with enough space to do a little bit of yoga.

My 4-year-old threw her comb aside and joined me in a few sun salutations.  Before I knew it, she was showing me yoga postures I didn’t know she could do.  If you want to be humbled, watch the effortless movement of a Gumby-like preschooler on a hard wood floor.

My 6-year-old ran up to us, shoved his assignment in my face and said, “Look, Mama, I’m done!”

The three of us moved around, scooped up the moon, poured it onto our heads, and rolled on the floor like snakes and cobras.

The headache was gone before I got to savasana.

I kept going, because I like to end each day with a brief seated meditation.  Usually do this after the kids are asleep; they usually only see me meditating in the early mornings, if they’re up before they’re supposed to be.

We sat in a semi-circle in perfect quiet for about a minute.

My husband grabbed his camera.

4-year-old moved into my lap because everything good is even better in Mama’s lap.

Husband snapped the photo above before 6-year-old climbed into HIS lap.

Then the four of us sat in perfect silence for at least three minutes.

Which as you know if you’re a parent, never happens.

So, yeah, I think I’ll stop saving meditation for myself and continue sharing it with my family.

What do you do for stress relief? What helps your family unwind after a long day?

Copyright Abigail Morgan, 2015.

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