Photographic Tour of Our Clinic: FLOAT Chinese Medical Arts


About a year and a half ago, we moved my acupuncture practice, FLOAT: Chinese Medical Arts (which I started in early 2007), to a modern medical office building in downtown Glendale.  The 1960’s building we used to occupy was going to be demolished to make room for luxury condos, and I, along with all of the other physician tenants, was given 6 weeks to find a new clinic.  At the time, my kids were 1.5 and 3.5 years old.  Finding a new space felt like finding out I was suddenly 8 months pregnant with a third child.  Thankfully, my associate acupuncturist Jacqueline has a spidy sense for commercial real estate, and she found our new place within a week. I signed a three-year lease.

It ended up being a blessing in disguise: our current clinic is twice as big, super clean, and has plenty of room for my staff as well as the extra family members our patients often bring with them.

Our third floor office has a beautiful view of Griffith Park, super comfortable and quiet treatment rooms, lots of free parking, and an elevator.


Some of our patients hang out in the waiting room after their treatment just to read the magazines, sip tea and listen to the Chinese fountain.


We even have toys and crayons for the kids!  Babies don’t wanna leave.


Have I mentioned how much I love my work?

We are in the midst of a major website overhaul to our clinic website, but before it launches, I wanted to share with you these beautiful photographs taken by my brother Samuel Morgan, who is a professional architectural photographer.  I feel so lucky to have had him shoot photos of my 1st baby (I incorporated before I became a mom): FLOAT: Chinese Medical Arts!  Thanks, little bro.

Abigail's kids checking out the view of Griffith Park from the new office windows

Abigail’s kids checking out the view of Griffith Park from the new office windows

First 3 photos, copyright Samuel Morgan Photography, all rights reserved.  Fourth and fifth photos, copyright Abigail Morgan, all rights reserved.

Acupuncture Happy Hour at FLOAT: Thursday 12/5, 3-7pm

FYI – Acupuncture Happy Hour is a kid-friendly event, but the treatment rooms will be adult-only to preserve a quiet, therapeutic environment in which you can relax.  The holiday craft will be supervised by a fabulous artist/kid-wrangler, and is appropriate for kids ages 18 months and above.  Babies and younger children are welcome, as long as they are accompanied by an adult at all times.

This event will sell out, so call now so you can get the time slot you want: 818-392-8797.  We hope to see you there!

Did you just stumble on this blog post?  Find out more about FLOAT: Chinese Medical Arts here.  We look forward to meeting you soon!

Post by Abigail Morgan, L.Ac.. Owner of FLOAT: Chinese Medical Arts; water image by Dave Clark Photography, all rights reserved.


$25 Off Initial Visit for New Patients Only



Now through December 24, 2013 – take advantage of a rare discount on the initial visit for new patients!  As you’ve surely noticed, the holiday season insanity starts with Halloween (yesterday!), and along with it, stress, common colds and the lack of self-care time.  Prove ’em wrong and thrive through it!  If you have a friend or family member considering acupuncture, please share this post with him or her.

Posted by Abigail Morgan, L.Ac, Owner of FLOAT: Chinese Medical Arts.

New Office Hours for July

As of July 2011 our new office hours are as follows:

Monday 8-3:30
Wednesday 8-3:30
Thursday 8-3:30

And please note that the office will be CLOSED the week of July 18-22.

On Tuesdays and Fridays we are out of the office but check messages regularly so feel free to leave us a message on our office line: 818-392-8797


Please note the following changes to our normal office hours during the last two weeks of 2010:

Week of December 20
OPEN: Monday, December 20: 8-3
OPEN: Tuesday, December 21: 8-3
OPEN: Wednesday, December 22: 8-3
CLOSED: December 23, 24

Week of December 27
CLOSED: December 27, 28
OPEN: Wednesday, December 29: 8-3
OPEN: Thursday, December 30: 8-3
OPEN: Friday, December 31: 8-3

Return from Maternity Leave

As of Tuesday, September 21, 2010, I’m back from maternity leave!  Please note our new office hours:

Tuesdays 8-3
Wednesdays 8-3
Fridays 8-3

If you would like to schedule an appointment please call our office at 818-392-8797. The office is closed on Mondays and Thursdays, but we do check and return voice messages on those days.

We look forward to seeing you soon!



I plan to return to the office on Tuesday, September 21.

During my leave, my colleague Laura Erlich, L.Ac, MTOM, will be seeing patients in my office on Thursdays only, by appointment.   Laura has been a trusted colleague of mine for over 9 years, and has a thriving acupuncture practice of her own (M, W, F) on the West Side (  Laura is one of the only other L.Ac’s in Los Angeles who specializes in TCM Obstetrics & the Childbearing Cycle as well as Orthopedics, and she has also been a birth doula for 12 years.  We went to the same Chinese Medical school in LA, and (ironically) the same massage school in New York City, many moons ago (though not at the same time).  We also share a very similar approach and needling style.

If you would like to be treated by Laura in my office (on Thursdays only) during my leave, please call her office directly at 310-598-5209.  If Thursdays are not convenient for you and you’d prefer to be treated on a M, W, F, Laura would be happy to treat you in her own office in West Los Angeles.  Laura and I have the same insurance biller, so if you’ve been using your health insurance plan to cover your acupuncture treatments with me, nothing will change.  Similarly, if you usually pay cash or use a health savings plan card, Laura will honor the same rates as you pay me.  The only difference will be that you’ll be paying your co-insurance or office visit fees directly to her instead of to me.  She will also have access to your chart, and will be able to refill or change any herbal prescriptions, supplements or topicals you have been getting through me.  If you lose this email, all of this information will be available soon on the blog section of my website, and Laura’s contact number will also be on my outgoing voicemail.


If you have been referred to me as a new patient and were hoping to set up an appointment during the dates I’ll be gone, you may either call Laura Erlich, L.Ac., at 310-598-5209 and set up an appointment with her in my office or hers, or you can call my office at 818-392-8797 and leave a detailed message requesting an appointment with me on or after September 12, 2010; my assistant Jacqueline will return your call within 48 hours and get you on the schedule.

My office assistant will be checking messages and mail during my leave; if you would like to schedule an appointment on or after my return on September 12, please leave a detailed voice message at 818-392-8797 and Jacqueline will get back to you within a couple of days.  Please remember that as always, we handle all scheduling requests and changes by phone, NOT email.

Jacqueline will also be available periodically to refill herbs/supplements/topicals for existing patients; we can do one refill without a re-exam.  If you’d like to pick up a refill between July 26 and September 10, you may leave a voice message (please no email requests for refills) at the office line (again, 818-392-8797) and schedule a time to pick it up with Jacqueline.  Please note that we cannot sell herbs or supplements to anyone who is not a current patient.

Many of you know Sara Pereira, LMT, Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist (  Sara will continue offering full-body therapeutic massage for men and women in my office, by appointment, while I’m gone.  To schedule a massage with Sara (either in our office or in your home), please contact Sara directly at 213-924-3239 or through her website.

Thank you so much, and I look forward to seeing you when I return to work in September!